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Get ready for a lot of high-fives, booyahs, and keeping it rad! 

I am an Oregon based/Portland native, wedding and adventure photographer. I am all about keeping it real and celebrating life with awkward jumps and silly dance moves. With a degree in smartness... I mean rhetoric... and a second degree in organized chaos... I mean art; I am officially studied up and ready to tell some crazy awesome stories through photos!

Let's share some smiles! 

In my free time

When I am not busy at work I love staying active. You will often find me heading outside for a hike, a run, or a SKI!  

Alexandra Pallas (self), Niseko Japan

My Best Friend

My best friend is my dog! He is way cooler than I am! He is an 80lb sheepadoodle who can rock a shaggy look or a mohawk with ease!

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Bonus Facts

- My favorite food is popcorn! Num num num!  

- I will always accept a Ping Pong or Foosball challenge!

- I am a twin! 

- My favorite movies are Princess Mononoke and Kung Fu Panda!

- I taught my dog the command BOOP!  

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Publications: | Oregon Bride Magazine | Portland Bride&Groom | OffBeat Bride | Snowboarder Magazine | Freeskier Magazine | Ramé Magazine | Park City Magazine |