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-Conversations Through Film-

A passion project.

This project is about conversation and process. It is a glimpse into another's drive and another's work as told through my conversation with them. 

It all came to fruition when I looked over a small set of images I had shot of my grandpa in his studio. Beyond the deep personal connection I had with the images I recognized that I felt a sense of inspiration and importance in my work by documenting another's work. As artists, craftsmen, creators, and dreamers we all have so much to learn and share with one another. All we need to do is take the time, show respect, and have a conversation.

This project is an open invitation. Throughout 2020, I am looking for friends, artists, creators, and simply anyone with a passion to have a conversation with.  

Rules of project - One roll of 35mm film with a limit of one supplemental digital image 

Part 1 - Jeff Curry - Leather Working

Project Inspiration/Prologue - Jim Pallas - In Studio