Spring 2019 

For some time now I had been meaning to do a little more exploring in "my own backyard." So instead of taking a trip over seas this spring I hit the open road! I planned a loop that would take nearly 3 weeks to complete. With my best friend and constant companion, Napoleon, at my side the whole time we started rolling.

We car camped or pitched the tent in a variety of spots; Under a canopy of trees in redwoods, on top a bluff with an ocean view, on a sandy California beach, along the side of the highway, in a rest stop parking spot, and some of the coolest desert BLM spots camp ever! The views were rad, the hikes awesome, the beaches warm, the granola bars plenty, the showers seldom, and the smile nonstop. Along the way we picked up some additional adventure buddies and met up with friends in different states. We were lucky enough to have a couple nights off of the road thanks to some great girl friends! (LA with Amy, Vegas with Dessie, and Park City with Ashley! You guys rock) During the coastal days, as we drove the 101 south from Portland we were accompanied by my BF Sean. Napoleon and I then journeyed up through Nevada and into Utah. Once in the National Parks of Southern Utah we linked up my bestie Brent and his Good girl, Samara!

The trip taught me so much about myself and gave me a moment to appreciate all the little things in life!