I will never forget some of the first words Tom said to me on his wedding day. We were stepping away from the Groom's quarters where Tom had spent time with his friends getting ready. When I arrived Tom was already grinning from ear to ear. It was time for "first look", when Tom would first see Bailey in her dress, and I thought that Tom looked just a bit nervous. So, I asked, "Are you ready?"

Tom turned to me and told me, "I know I am ready, I just want to be sure I stay present." And with that he took a few deep breaths and it was clear to me that Tom was truly taking in the day, living each and every moment. 

Watching Tom light up when he saw Bailey was unbeatable! The excitement and love that he showed was matched only by Bailey's excitement and love at seeing Tom.

Anyone one who is lucky enough to know Bailey and Tom realizes their bond is magical. I could not be more honored to have shared this day with them. Their wedding was a day filled with timeless moments. Moments lived, moments shared, and moments remembered.  

|| Venue - Mt. Hood Organic Farms || Dress - WToo || Dress Shop - Ania Bridal || Floral - Lucy's Organic Flowers || Suit - Suit Supply || Hair - Connie McCauley || Catering - Cultivate Catering || Dessert - Blue Star Donuts || DJ - Mr. Elive Productions || Officiate - Tom Phillips ||

Thank You to all who celebrated!