When a Musician and an Artist fall for one another their LOVE is sure to be bright, creative, and radically unique. Joshua the musician and Rachel the artist held a festive wedding amongst the forrest of Silver Falls state park. The wedding was full of creative expression in every detail. Rachel hand painted the invitations and Josh gathered his close friends to help celebrate in song. 

Through the trees their music of love could be heard. A joyous procession led the newlyweds from their magical woodland ceremony to their celebratory cabin reception. And amongst friends they painted a picture of the happy life they embark on together. The watercolor artist, Alexandra worked calmly and patiently in the cheerful reception hall to create a piece that embodied the couple. The night was danced away and the song soon found its way to the campfire where friends gathered and all relaxed with a feeling of love and happiness.  

Humbled by their love for one another, I watched the celebration and joined in the cheers! Rachel and Josh's brilliant symphony is a piece that is more than sound alone, there is music, there is imagery, and there is LOVE. Congratulations on a beautiful marriage! 

|| Venue - Silver Falls State Park || Dress - Kite and Butterfly || Jeweler - Maloy’s Jewelry Workshop || Floral - Solabee Flowers and Botanicals || Cake - Jaciva’s Bakery and Chocolatier || Wedding Painter - Alexandra Becker-Black ||