All Hail His Imperial Majesty, Emperor of Fluff, Ruler of Wags, Lord of Bark, Sultan of Belly Rubs, Czar of the Couch, King Four Paws, Napoleon!

In celebration of the holiday season in this the year of Two Thousand and Seventeen, His Majestic Bark-ness sends to you the warmest of wishes and a coveted photograph from his official coronation. The coronation of His Majesty marked the beginning of his reign. Since the coronation, the Potentate Pupper has ruled with grace. From his throne at the Pallas-Peter’s Castle he keeps watch on all.

And now an announcement from his Royal Fluffiness:

Woof! Friends and Fluffers alike, I Napoleon do decree:

Peanut Butter to be the most delicious of all foods. Let every Kong toy be filled with its yumminess and may spoonfuls appear for every pup during bathtime.

Let it be Proclaimed, every time I poop, the said poop shall be picked up and put in a magical bag to preserve its potent power.

Henceforth the gates to the grass shall always be opened upon my command.

When away from my throne in Utah, I shall sit upon the throne at the Kingdom of Loren; entrusted to me by the wishes of the late beautiful Queen Venus.

The travels of my paw-rents have been and will always be scouting missions for new land that I someday will conquer.

Those who are feline are not to be gifted as much as those who are canine. Dogs rule cats drool.

Let it be known that I am allowed on all cushioned furniture. I choose, however, to only grace a select few with my furry bottom.

From this day forward during each and every Holiday season until the end of seasons, all who give a gift must give the gift of socks. And all who receive said socks shall show their loyalty to my rule by happily offering the socks to me, your King.

And in addition any who wish to give an extra gift this holiday season after giving socks is welcome to join me in helping the fur friends in need by donating to Nuzzles & Co.

Happy Holidays, -Napoleon Pallas Peters and Paw-rents (Max and Alex)

PS. You can donate in Napoleon's name, his email is And don't forget to share the love and leave a note at the end of the images below.

Happy Holidays! Woof! -Napoleon

  • Brent Leeper

    on December 22, 2017

    Vive le roi!

  • Max Peters

    on December 20, 2017

    Long Live our great and glorious leader Napoleon.