When I got a text from a good mt. hood ski friend (shout out to KP!) regarding a pair of his ski friends who were getting married at my home resort and on the hunt for a wedding photographer two thoughts instantly crossed my mind. First, how in the world did I not already know this couple! And second, they sound way awesome! 

And then I met Mike and Leslie... and my expectations were knocked out of the ball park as I realized their awesomeness was beyond any imaginable level. (aka AWESOME LEVEL = INFINITY PLUS!) 

I could go into a crazy long list talking about details like how truly Rad their love for one another is, how they make for a perfect pair of adventure buddies and how first class their dog parenting skills are. But I don't need to, because their wedding speaks for itself. The groomsmen took to sledding on lunch treys while the ladies got ready. Leslie walked down the isle with confidence and grace. Mike cried... more than once (major brownie points for Mike). And the party wouldn't quit... literally... the guests called for an encore... from the DJ!

So many great vibes filled the air. Because, after all, when a couple this awesome ties the knot you can't help but feel incredibly excited. I am so lucky to have been part of such a special day with my new friends. Cheers to one seriously kick-ass wedding and one truly inspiring couple!

|| Venue - Mount Hood Meadows || Dress - Lillian West || Dress Shop - Charlotte's Weddings || Jeweler - Shreve & Co || Cake - Johanna Sent || DJ - John Ross Music and Production || Officiant - Peter Stark ||

Thank You to All Who Celebrated!