LeeAnn & Toby || The Grotto & The Elsyian Ballroom

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The day of the Hammet wedding.  On this day, with each and every breathe, one breathed in compassion. With every smile, one smiled true joy. And with each and every moment, one couldn't help but feel grateful for the gift of love shared between LeeAnn and Toby. Their connection is so special and so momentous that describing it is impossible, however witnessing and feeling it is easy. 

The story of LeeAnn and Toby is more than your average love story. While the story of two shy dancers joining hands is clearly the beginning of a romantic classic, LeeAnn and Toby enhance their story with even greater passion than any writer could hope to describe. LeeAnn's humility is matched by Toby's kindness, her drive paired with his focus, and her grace complimented by his confidence. Both these genuine and talented individuals share a unique bond and a respect for one another that can be admired by all.

Congratulations LeeAnn and Toby!

Ceremony Venue - The Grotto     Reception Venue - Elysian Ballroom     Planner - J29 Events     Florist - Heirbloom Floral     Bridal Henna - Roving Horse Henna     Dress Shop - The White Dress Portland     Dress - Stella York     Bridesmaids Attire - Designed by bride and maid of honor at Guru Bazaar    Jeweler - Goldmine Design Jewelers     Hair - Blowout Bar     Make Up - Joyce Dang     Ceremony Centrist - Eva Wolff     Wedding Officiant - Father Matt Fase from Holy Redeemer Parish