On occasion I get to shoot a wedding of some dear friends. And as a friend I have a little extra insight about the couple. And while these two get into their fair share of trouble and adventures all I want to share is a simple description of who Justin and Kat are and the equation that makes them into such a fun team.   

How I describe Justin: well... he is crazy nice, wonderfully intelligent, darn athletic, super happy and pretty much the coolest dude ever!

How I describe Kat: hmmm... she is amazingly nice, wickedly intelligent, outstandingly athletic, super happy, and pretty much the coolest dudette ever!

...wait a second...I see a pattern...which leads to this equation


I couldn't be more excited to see these two tie the knot! Kat and Justin's wedding was a true testament to them as a couple. The day was adorned with elegance and grace. And as every moment unfolded all who witnessed were filled with true joy as these two united their awesome! Congratulations Kat and Justin!

|| Ceremony Venue - St. Mary's Cathedral || Reception Venue - Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom ||

Thank You to All Who Celebrated!