Kaitlyn and Stew - an online romance taking the world by storm!

Neither Kaitlyn nor Stew ever thought that one right swipe might change the course of their lives. Yet thanks to Tinder these two not only shared funny catchphrases to nab the other's attention, they also found a person to travel the world with. 

From the skyscrapers of Singapore, the serene seas of Thailand, the outback of Down Under, the jungles of Zanzibar,  and the views atop Mt. Kilimanjaro, Kaitlyn and Stew took their online romance out on a wild adventure. Along the way Kaitlyn and Stew wrote a love story. And that love story continued on!  Now moving to new cities, starting new jobs, adding a pup to their lives, and getting married, Kaitlyn and Stew keep on rock'n and roll'n.

I feel so honored to have captured their special day and I can't wait to see more of their journey.

These two swiped right for the rest of their lives! 

|| Venue - Black Swan Milwaukee ||