Conversations through Film - The Prologue: 

The "Art Machine"

Growing up I could always find my grandpa in his studio. And everywhere you looked you found art. The walls covered in hanging hearts, the ceilings blocked by dangling moons hanging from above, the floor scattered with interactive sculptures that would change light patterns as you walked by, and in every corner on every surface you could always find more sculptures to discover.

As a kid my siblings and I would always be welcomed into the studio with materials. We were not given crayons or markers, we were handed items that seemed strange to us like wire, plaster  mix, glass, sticks and so much more. My little brother learned to weld around 6 while my sister and I loved to make found object art along the beach. And though the art professor in him kept offering advise and wisdom most of our creations were made with little supervision. We were left to roam free with our art and whenever we would glance up from our piece you could see my grandpa doing the exact same thing. Creating. 

The studio has moved locations, the moons on the ceiling now intermingle with fish, and a new sea of ceramic heads is constantly expanding. But one thing is still the same. If you need to find my grandpa, head to the studio. 

So the other day when I got back from a photoshoot with a few frames left on a roll of film, I knew exactly what to do. I went out to the studio, found my grandpa, and made this lil creation of my own. 

Thanks Grandpa! 

for always keeping me inspired

and keeping my life full of art!

- 2019

35 mm Film