Conversations Through Film - Part 1 - Jeff Curry Leather Working

Catching up with a close friend always warms the spirit and soul. I drove up Mt. Hood to say hi to my good friend Jeff Curry, whose  journey into leather work I had been following for some time. When I had the idea to start having conversations with other artists/creators through a roll of film Jeff was the very first person I thought of. While I shot the frames Jeff worked on some pieces and we chatted about life and the times of late. We also talked about his inspiration in creating his brand's logo and his drive to learn the trade of leather working; in doing so I feel a deeper sense of understanding of my friend. Sometimes it is the passions that we put forward that light the way. 

The selection from this roll provide a short tour of his small garage studio where he is busy at work creating true made-by-hand leather products which he brands under the name Dark Forest USA.   

35mm Portra 800 Pushed +1

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