What do you get when an enthusiastic social butterfly meets a rad adventure chick? You get a globe trotting, quest seeking, husky parenting, and constantly smiling couple who are pretty much ready for world domination, Xiao-Yue and Brittany.

And if you are lucky enough to know this couple, it is impossible to think of one without the other. Without Brittany no one would get to go skiing with Xiao-Yue! Thats right she taught him! Yes Girl! Way to prove that occasionally your significant other actually can teach you a sport. And without Xiao-Yue you wouldn't have the social butterfly Brittany. Because sometimes the people you love rub off on you. It is so rad that when Xiao-Yue is called away Brittany holds down the adventure drive for the team as she will happily join you on a hike or night out! Together these two are complete and make for the best couple ever to spend time with!!! 

And so now... what do you get when these two FINALLY decide to get hitched!? Well you get one super awesome party in the woods complete with dancing, campfires and bunkbeds for all!

Love you guys! Biggest of congratulations to Brittany and Xiao-Yue! 

|| VENUE - Mazama Lodge || Dress Shop - Ania Bridal || Groom's Suit - The Black Tux || Floral - Vanessa Martinez of Zupans || Calligraphy - Brittany Han (the bride) || Jewelery - ABC Jewelery || Hair - Shoreh Goebe ||

Thank You to all who celebrated!