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About Me

It is incredibly rare that I don't have a smile on my face! I simply love what I do. I enjoy life as an artist and as an explorer!

As an artist: There is nothing as magical as a smile, a kiss, and a sparkle in the eye. I am inspired by my clients and use my work to inspire others. I work as a photographer shooting weddings and other portrait events for clients. I am truly blessed to witness moments of joy in the life of others. I LOVE working with natural light. With every shoot I do I take away a unique piece of knowledge and inspiration.

I have a bachelors in both Art and Rhetoric. I find that these two areas help me in my work because knowledge of image rhetoric helps me find ways and angles to send messages through my work. I started working as a photographer's assistant in college and now I work solo or with an  assistant of my own. I am so incredibly lucky to have my amazing husband as one of my second shooters. Not only is Max the man of my dreams, but his work behind the lens is incredible. We work so well as a team, we are always on the same page and Max always knows exactly what angles to get to compliment my shots.

When I am not shooting for clients chances are I still have a camera in my hand and am heading out on an adventure. Head over to the adventure pages of my site to get to know a little bit more about me and about my work. Thank you! 


- Foosball is my jam! Though I will also never turn down a Ping Pong challenge.

- My dog (@thegreatsheepadoodle) is way cooler than me.

- I like to ski... a lot!

- I grew up in Portland, OR and I consider my parents to be some of the origional NW hipsters!

- I was raised on James Taylor and Carol King. 

- I have a signature dance move, and yes it is super silly. 

- I am amateur potter and have made all my own plates, bowls, and mugs. 

- My favorite movie is Kung Fu Panda.

- I have a super rad twin sister.